Organic flavors from the field to your table

EcoCert certified natural, additive-free and organic products from the farm to your table; We produce it with love and care. We know that the way to a quality and healthy life is to consume organic food. We lead Good Agriculture and Organic Agriculture projects with the aim and effort to leave a clean and healthy future for our children. Thanks to Organic Agriculture and Good Agriculture projects, we help protect not only human health, but also the world, which is our living space. We contribute to organic life for new generations to consume healthier food, as healthy products are possible with organic agriculture and soil fertility increases with organic agriculture policies.

~ What is Organic Food? ~

Controlled and Certified Production

For an agricultural product or a food product to be named as an organic product; No chemicals should be used in the cultivation and production process. Organic foods are produced and processed without pesticides, that is, without chemicals used to protect plants from pests. Even in its soil, only natural fertilizer is used. Essen Organic safely produces all these processes from the field to your table with its 18 years of experience and expert team.

Organic Certified

All the products you buy from Essen Organic have the EcoCert Organic Product certificate.

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We produce for you

We make contract manufacturing on behalf of your brand with Essen Organic quality.


Essen Organic, with its R&D studies that it has done every year in the organic food production stages, carefully continues its efforts to improve organic products on your behalf and to work on higher quality organic products in the process of growing and producing organic products.

Expert Knowledge

Essen Organic, with its expert staff in the field of organic production, in the process of entering organic products from the soil to the package, in the principle of product owner; prepares the best organic product with your brand.

Continuous Supply

In the organic production process, the raw material and ingredient inputs are planned seasonally by Essen Organic and followed on your behalf.

Certified Production

The raw materials and processes used in all stages of production comply with legal rules and quality standards.

Legal Permission, Notification and Analysis

Necessary legal permissions have been obtained for all organic products you will purchase from Essen Organic, notifications have been made to the relevant authorities and product analyzes have been made by Essen Organic.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Essen Organic carries out the process of good manufacturing practices (GMP) meticulously and carefully at all stages of organic food production. Thus, every organic product produced under your brand complies with the standards with protective measures.

~ Information From Us ~

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