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What Do We Understand When We Say Organic Food?

According to the Regulation on the Principles and Implementation of Organic Agriculture, organic food; means the production or supply of all kinds of food or inputs in food production in accordance with the organic farming method. However, if we look at the regulations and technical sentences, it is just a definition that fits into 6-7 words for us. If we try to define it outside of the regulation, we begin to describe a process that will not fit into short sentences. This is exactly our intention. J. We would like to talk about what a grueling effort and selfless effort it is.

“Who are we?”

“How did we fall in love with organic food?”

“Why all the hassle?”

We, as Essen Organic, took all our experiences we have accumulated since 2005 and said, “You are what you eat,” and we set out on this road. We knew from the very beginning the intricate conditions of the road. The road was tough and long, but we liked the cuisine of the business. It was an enjoyable journey for us aside from the difficulty.

If you only knew how many years it takes from the soil where you will grow organic food to the time until its production, from raising the awareness of the farmers to the analysis and certification process of the product you produce.

While it is so difficult to reach clean and reliable food in today’s world, we are aware of the importance of our work that we love. We are people who get excited and work hard for production, in the cold of winter in fruit and vegetable fields, and in summer under the sun, inhaling the smell of earth. Ahhh, if you could see how we burned under the sun in the field in that summer heat… Those frames could have explained everything better than us actually 

“Organic agriculture should be a way of life for healthy generations and a livable future.” We say and send our love to all of you from the most organic side 

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