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Isn’t it a sentence that can be used how often but cannot go beyond the oral habit? We always think that our health is good and that the most basic happiness can come with health, but our efforts for this are always incomplete and always take their place in the background.

While basic physiological needs such as healthy nutrition and sports, which come to our minds in this period when human history is most struggling with health, should actually be the most important part of our lives, we have problems such as dressing well, popularity and looking active. In our age, nobody has time to eat healthy and right, because we think that any market, companies that bring our shopping to our door can solve all this. But the reality is that we should strive for good nutrition.

It is clear how narrow the place of this issue in our country is. We think that organic agriculture is an agricultural activity with pesticides in villages, and most of us are not aware of the innovations of the Ministry of Agriculture in this regard, nor are they from companies that have endured care, trouble and more economic responsibility for the production of healthy food.

But it is encouraging that this situation has changed recently. Although we may perceive that we need to eat healthily due to painful events, it is comforting that we turn to the right, the interest of the new generation in organic agriculture, the attitude and encouragement of the ministry, and the demonstration that thousands of farmers will take part in the organic wing of agriculture in the new order reveal that the future is healthier and brighter for our citizens.

As citizens, we must first explain and practice that we attach the necessary value to healthy nutrition and organic food production, starting from our own homes. We should have a better control mechanism for the products we buy, by ourselves and by the rules applied by the state, and we should choose products accordingly so that we do not surrender our future to diseases.

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