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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products have an organic certificate?

All of our products are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and have the ECOCERT certificate.

Why Organic farming?

In today's world, while the increasing technological developments and the problems brought by the modern world are growing like an avalanche, the thing that comes to the fore the most and becomes more important is health. We, who have given importance to organic food; We set out with the motto "you are what you eat". In order to preserve the integrity of our present and future generations, we have adopted the principle of producing the most basic food products with clean ingredients and bringing them together with you. We take firm steps on this road and bring all of our products together with you in a comfortable way.

Are your products produced by you?

Paste and olive group are produced by us from the seedling to the last stage of production. For our other groups, we have been working with our growers who have been certified in accordance with the organic regulation, from the land to the farmer, for more than 15 years. Each of our products is produced in accordance with organic agriculture from its region and reaches you.

Pesticides, additives, etc. in your products. is it available?

All necessary analyzes for all of our products are carried out in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex. Pesticide analysis is mandatory for all of our products.

What are the usage areas and amount of apple juice concentrate?

Our product can be used in all areas where refined sugar is used. You can safely use it as a sweetener from pastries to sherbet desserts, from meals to drinks. 1 cup of Apple juice concentrate is equivalent to ½ cup of refined sugar. You can sweeten your food and beverages to the extent you desire with our Essen Organic Apple Juice Concentrate.

What is the difference between grape extract and molasses?

Our core group is produced as cold pressed. Our molasses group, on the other hand, is produced by boiling due to its production method.

Do your pastes contain salt?

There is no salt in our paste. Everyone, including babies in the supplementary food period, can consume it with peace of mind.

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